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The definitive online catalogue for fireplaces

Working with Noel and Michelle at Fire4U was an absolute pleasure. Noel takes pride in his work and his knowledge of fireplaces is encyclopaedic – I certainly know a lot more about fireplaces myself after setting up this website!

Fire4U already had a catalogue site based off WooCommerce, but it was slow and based on discontinued software. My job was to rebuild it fresh and give it a visual update along the way. It was a fantastic challenge working with the attributes of each fireplace and analysing how best to categorise and present the data so that the average shopper can drill down and find their perfect fireplace.

If you’re looking to install a fireplace/wood or gas heater in the Blue Mountains, Noel’s your man!

Noel Mulvaney, Fire4U

January 6, 2023

Web design

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