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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything but the meaning of life, answered here.


It’s always felt narcissistic to use my own name as my business name, but the simple truth is I’ve never come up with a business name I liked! And as I’m a one-woman show, using my name makes it clear that you’re working with me – I rarely outsource and I don’t have a team. If you have any ideas for a business name I can use, please let me know 😉

Don’t worry, I’m not at the beach every Wednesday!! I’m lucky enough to work onsite for clients on certain days. On these days I think of myself as an employee and don’t make myself available for other clients.

While I’m based near Penrith, NSW (western Sydney), the beauty of the internet is we can work together from anywhere. I usually only work with Australian clients but even if you’re international, please feel free to get in contact with me and we can have a chat about your design needs.

My skills are strongest in:

  • Adobe: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Excel (I love a good spreadsheet!)
  • Google: Docs, Numbers
  • Web: CPanel, WordPress, mySQL (PHP, HTML, CSS, basic Javascript)

As at 1 August 2021, yes, I am. Any invoices prior to 01/08/2021 were not including GST.

Graphic Design

The process differs based on the project – my workflow for a business card is completely different to that for a website. But the broad strokes is that we’ll chat about your wants and needs, I’ll quote, and then if you’re happy to proceed we’ll move to draft stage. Some projects involve multiple options or versions, others involve one first draft. We’ll work on the draft(s) together until you’re happy, and then we’ll send it live – e.g. publishing the website or sending the project to print.

I sure can! I know Canva is considered the graphic designer’s enemy, but it’s truly a great way for business owners to create graphics affordably (and they have some gorgeous templates).

I can help you set up your brand fonts, colours and logo in Canva, as well as create designs and templates for you to modify yourself. You’ll need your own Canva account for this service.

I don’t do branding as a service. If you’re in need of a quick logo and brand in order to meet a deadline, I can assist, but I strongly recommend you organise a proper branding service as soon as you can. I recommend ZEUG wholeheartedly for branding and logo designs.

I do have connections with some great printers here in Western Sydney but if you already have a print company in your network, I’m more than happy to set up the project to your printer’s requirements. You’re welcome to put them in touch with me directly to discuss the nerdy stuff.

I’m proud to be the in-house graphic designer for the family business, IndieMosh. My mother Jenny lives and breathes publishing and she and her team will help you get a gorgeous, well laid out book online for global distribution and print-on-demand. Depending on your book, you might be working with me for the cover, the internals, or both!

Visit the IndieMosh website here.

Web Design

Absolutely! I’m happy to build your website on your own hosting. As long as your hosting and domain allow for WordPress and has the required space and specs, you are more than welcome to manage your domain name and hosting yourself.

As part of your website I can set up basic SEO, and design with SEO in mind, but it’s not a service I officially offer. If Google rankings are vital to your business operations I recommend approaching an SEO expert. I can assist with setting up permissions and logins for your SEO team to gain access to your site.

I’d be happy to. I regularly get brought on board by companies who are confident in managing their website day-to-day, but call me in for design elements or glitches. No point wasting your own time and money trying to learn enough PHP to fix a glitch – let a web dev handle it for you.

I’d love to! One of my passions is teaching business owners how to complete quick and easy content updates on their websites – I want you to be empowered to control your own web presence.

That said, this is best as a face-to-face process, so I generally only provide WordPress training around Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. If you’re outside those areas and want some WordPress training, please contact me and let’s have a chat.

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